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We find that the best place to find the most accurate news on state politics is the local paper.

Kyrie O’Connor, deputy managing editor over at the Houston Chronicle, writes “An Open Letter to the National Media. Subject: Texas,” and compiles a list of rules for the national media to keep in mind when covering their great state in the wake of Governor Rick Perry’s announcement of his presidential intentions. It’s kinda like a study guide, so Ms. O’Connor, we heed your advice!

Among the items we need to keep in mind are pronunciations of different towns — and we take pronunciations seriously, what with being on TV and all. 

3. Learn to pronounce: Boerne, Pedernales, San Jacinto, Bexar, Mexia, Palacios.

Luckily, Ms. O’Connor provides a handy-dandy instructional video to make sure we’ve got them right. (This totally beats learning the words from the fairly-creepy, quasi-female computer voice over at

Also, we should consider this:

5. If you spend any time on our highways, you will see a vehicle with a bumper sticker that says “Secede”. Shocking, I know. But some Texans think of secession the way you think of a threeway: interesting idea, but it probably won’t happen in this lifetime.

Like this one?

Cafe Press

In other words, take these bumper stickers with a grain of salt!

And finally, we are reminded that which is true in pretty much every other state, 

6. There are people in Texas who don’t play into any of your stereotypes. They are also Texans.

7. There are people who play into all your stereotypes.

A Jersey girl born and raised, I empathize.

You can see columnist Kyrie O’Connor’s full list here

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